May 17, 2008

6th Round All-Stars

We continue our series on the best of the MMDA draft since 2000 with a look at the sixth round. You would expect the talent to get better as we climb up the draft. In this case you'd be wrong. It's hard to make an argument for the sixth-round stars against their seventh-round brethren. The standouts are few. The standard sixth-rounder probably didn't stick more than two years on most clubs.

c - Bengie Molina, Kangaroos, 2000 (109th overall)
1b - Justin Huber, Qillars, 2006 (116)
2b - Kevin Frandsen, Bombers, 2007 (104)
3b - Mark Teahen, Jive, 2006 (102)
ss - Billy Hall, HearseRiders, 2003 (106)
of - Gary Matthews Jr., Dealers, 2000 (116)
of - Brady Clark, Podunks, 2002 (116)
of - Eric Byrnes, HearseRiders, 2004 (119)
sp - Jamie Moyer, Phizzers, 2001 (103)
sp - Jake Westbrook, Wind, 2002 (113)
sp - Brian Bannister, Pilots, 2007 (117)
rp - J.J. Putz, Roadrunners, 2006 (117)

Best finds: Billy Hall, Mark Teahen, J.J. Putz, Gary Matthews Jr. Hall's power blossomed over the years and though he eventually moved to the outfield he was a solid shortstop and utility guy for several seasons. Teahen took a season to develop but became a solid hitter who was pushed to the outfield by Alex Gordon. Putz went undrafted in 2005 and was picked in '06 after a second crappy effort as a starter. It all turned around for him when he became a full-time reliever. Matthews Jr. wandered as a journeyman before finding the magic of HGH and breaking out with the Rangers before cashing in on a big money contract.
Deepest position: None really, but starting pitching by default. Moyer was unceremoniously dumped by the Pilots in 2001, but has managed to log another eight seasons of innings eating and sometimes more. Westbrook has enjoyed his moments in the sun. Bannister surprised many, including the Mets, by becoming a solid No. 3 starter after a trade to the Royals.
Weakest position: First base. Justin Huber? Come on. The next best option was Kendry Morales. Anyone remember Morgan Burkhart?
Lucky number: 117. Two years in a row the draft spit out Putz and Bannister. Will the Jive be as lucky with Billy Buckner in 2008?



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