May 13, 2008

7th Round All-Stars

This is the first in a series of entries looking back over the draft since 2000. We'll start with a look at the 7th round. Many managers take a low-cost shot at an unheralded prospect in the seventh, but the odds are long against hitting it big here. Teams will generally have better success filling out a bullpen or bench spot with a one-year player. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Here's an all-star squad of 7th-round finds:

c - Brian Schneider, Huskies, 2002 (134th overall)
Gerald Laird, Qillars, 2004 (131)
1b - Shea Hillenbrand, Rockcrushers, 2002 (132)
2b - Brian Roberts, Pilots, 2003 (136)
Adam Kennedy, Eagles, 2000 (125)
3b - Casey Blake, Blackhawks, 2000 (131)
ss - Adam Everett, Greyhounds, 2003 (131)
of - Raul Ibanez, Qillars, 2002 (123)
of - Matt Diaz, Dazzlers, 2007 (127)
of - Ryan Spilborghs, Dazzlers, 2007 (122)
sp - Fausto Carmona, Qillars, 2007 (124)
sp - John Maine, Cobras, 2006 (135)
rp - B.J. Ryan, Heat, 2002 (126)
rp - Scott Linebrink, Dirtnappers, 2004 (139)
rp - Salomon Torres, Stingers, 2003 (128)
rp - Justin Speier, Wind, 2001 (131)
rp - Jeremy Accardo, Roadrunners, 2006 (128)

Best finds: Brian Roberts, Raul Ibanez, Fausto Carmona, John Maine, B.J. Ryan. Carmona and Maine would make a nice 1-2 punch in most rotations, and we all had our shot at them. Ryan quickly evolved from a lefty specialist into one of the most dominating closers in the game.
Deepest position: Relief pitching. Not surprising, due to the unpredictable nature of relievers and the fact that there are 8-9 relievers taken in the 7th round in an average year.
Weakest position: First base, outfield. These are generally the easiest positions to scout, and the good hitters go earlier than this.
Best 7th-round scout/luckiest team: Qillars. In addition to Laird, Ibanez and Carmona, they also plucked a solid backup catcher in Gregg Zaun (2005, 131) and closer Danny Kolb (2003, 127) right before he blossomed for his two good years.



  • Cool feature. The Carmona pick was especially inspired. The guy had zero card value, but Jim Whitehead made the astute pick anyway. That's just one of the reasons why I wish he hadn't left the league.

    By Blogger Matt, At May 13, 2008 at 12:36 PM  

  • Nice article James. I liked Estrada as well. It would be so much easier if we had an accurate crystal ball. It would also be interesting to see what players were available but not selected until the following season. That one would be tough to do.

    By Blogger Bethlehem Press, At May 13, 2008 at 11:42 PM  

  • Speculating on players is the most enjoyable part of our league for me, as it is for many others, I'm sure. The retro leagues where you already know a player's career arc just can't compare.

    By Blogger Matt, At May 14, 2008 at 12:16 PM  

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