Jun 6, 2008

4th-round all-stars

I figured as I climbed through the rounds the teams would get progressively better, but that must happen somewhere in the top three rounds, because the 4th round team is still severely lacking in the star power category. Take Torii Hunter out of the lineup and this is a team of guys that couldn't crack the starting nine for at least half the teams in the league. As with the 5th through 7th rounds, there are some nice pitchers here, and you could assemble a decent rotation and bullpen.

c - Mike Napoli, Schlabotniks, 2007 (65th overall)
1b - Ben Broussard, Dobermans, 2003 (67)
2b - Freddy Sanchez, Jive, 2004 (61)
3b - Pedro Feliz, Razorbacks, 2002 (69)
ss - Ryan Theriot, Clippers, 2007 (74)
of - Torii Hunter, Blackhawks, 2000 (68)
of - Ryan Church, Blackhawks, 2005 (70)
of - Rick Ankiel, Bats, 2008 (80)
of - Nate McLouth, Roadrunners, 2008 (73)
sp - James Shields, Clippers, 2007 (61)
sp - Edinson Volquez, Huskies, 2007 (77)
sp - John Danks, Pilots, 2008 (74)
sp - Daniel Cabrera, Breakers, 2005 (75)
sp - Doug Davis, Podunks, 2002 (76)
rp - Matt Capps, Bulldogs, 2007 (64)
rp - Brian Fuentes, Podunks, 2004 (78)
rp - Rafael Betancourt, Miracle, 2004 (74)
rp - Francisco Cordero, Rockcrushers, 2003 (62)

Best finds: Hunter blossomed into a Gold Glover with power and has held steady for nearly a decade. Volquez is the best pitcher in baseball in 2008 with the Reds after mucking along with the Rangers for a few years. Shields is a solid top of the rotation guy.
Deepest position: Unquestionably pitching. In addition to the starters listed above, Odalis Perez (Stingers, 72) and Jason Jennings (Jive, 80) were plucked in the 2002 draft. Jair Jurrjens (Bats, 63, 2008) may yet prove to be a good pick.
Weakest position: First base or any power position, really. Noticing a trend here yet? It's becoming more and more obvious that hitters, especially power hitters, are the easiest to scout. They almost never fall far in the draft.
Lucky number: 74. In addition to Danks, Theriot and Betancourt, reliever Chris Hammond (Stingers, 2003) and useful first baseman Ross Gload (Dirtnappers, 2005) went 74th. Honorable mention to 73, which has seen McLouth, reliever Manny Corpas (Jive, 2007) and shortstop Jason Bartlett (Roadrunners, 2006) go in the last three years.
Best 4th ever: Has to be 2007, when the first five picks of the round were Shields, outfielder Shane Victorino (Bulldogs, 62), second baseman Dustin Pedroia (Breakers, 63), Capps, and Napoli. Theriot and Volquez went later in that round.



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