Aug 31, 2008

3rd-round all-stars

The pitching is getting better in the third-round, but the position players are still hit-and-miss. Lance Berkman has been a stud, both in the outfield and at first base, but the rest of the lineup is spotty. If you want a closer, this has been a good round to grab one.

c - A.J. Pierzynski, Dealers, 2001 (44th overall)
1b - Lance Berkman, Kangaroos, 2000 (49)
2b - Kelly Johnson, Jive, 2006 (57)
3b - Kevin Youkilis, Wind, 2005 (52)
ss - Jhonny Peralta, Huskies, 2004 (43)
of - Jacque Jones, Eagles, 2000 (47)
of - Aaron Rowand, Pilots, 2002 (46)
of - Ryan Ludwick, Huskies, 2008 (55)
sp - Mark Buehrle, Dobermans, 2001 (43)
sp - Chien-Ming Wang, Dirtnappers, 2006 (45)
sp - Randy Wolf, Rockets, 2000 (50)
sp - Aaron Cook, Jive, 2003 (43)
sp - Jon Lester, Pilots, 2007 (57)
rp - Joe Nathan, Blackhawks, 2004 (53)
rp - Brad Lidge, Roadrunners, 2004 (46)
rp - Justin Duchscherer, Stars, 2005 (45)
rp - Carlos Marmol, Roadrunners, 2008 (42)

Best finds: That Berkman lasted until the middle of the 3rd round means everyone had a couple of shots at one of the most consistent offensive threats in the league. Buehrle has been an innings eater for nearly a decade. Ludwick has turned into a monster this year after struggling for years to latch on and fulfill his potential. Lester was coming off cancer surgery when he was scooped up late in the third round in '07.
Deepest position: Pitching. In addition to the starters listed above, Oliver Perez (Stars, 42, 2003), Jeff Francis (Razorbacks, 41, 2005), Dustin McGowan (Jive, 42, 2006) and Mike Pelfrey (Bats, 60, 2008) all went in the 3rd round.
Weakest position: Middle infielders. Peralta has been an enigma, and Johnson's a decent but not top-tier second baseman. If you scrape any deeper you get Erick Aybar (Jive, 53, 2007) or Jorge Cantu (Qillars, 53, 2005). Not exactly building blocks.
Lucky number: 42. Marmol was the only one to make the first team, but there are plenty of useful players here: Braden Looper (Dealers, 2000), Shawn Chacon (Eagles, 2002), Oliver Perez (Stars, 2003), John Buck (Roadrunners, 2005), Dustin McGowan (Jive, 2006), Adam Lind (Clippers, 2007).
Best 3rd ever: If you were looking for a closer, 2004 was a good year, with Lidge and Nathan going. Peralta and Lyle Overbay (Stingers, 44), Miguel Olivio (Pilots, 56), and Wily Mo Pena (Huskies, 57) highlighted the position players.
Deja Vu: Joe Nathan went to the Breakers at No. 56 in 2000, but was back in the draft four years later for the Blackhawks to snap up.



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