Oct 13, 2008

2008 Season Wrap-up

The final MMDA playoff picture, post-season awards and top 12 draft picks after the full 162-game schedule. Awards are selected by the game.


No. 1 Beaz vs. No. 8 Knights
No. 4 Breakers vs. No. 5 Jive

No. 2 Huskies vs. No. 7 Bombers
No. 3 Stars No. 6 Roadrunners


Alex Rodriguez, 3b, Breakers
Numbers: .296/.396/.676 with 65 HR, 37 2B, 154 RBI, 144 R, 9 SB in 611 AB
Black Ink: runs, home runs, RBI, slugging, total bases (413), HR vs. RHP (64)
Runners-up: Miguel Cabrera, 3b, Beaz; David Ortiz, dh, Beaz; Jimmy Rollins, ss, Jive; Derek Jeter, ss, Beaz

Cy Young

Jake Peavy, rhp, Beaz
Numbers: 23-5, 3.12 with 241 SO, 76 BB, 224 H, 16 HR in 243 IP
Black Ink: none
Gray Ink: 2nd in wins, 3rd in innings, 2nd in strikeouts, 5th in K/9, 3rd in HR/9
Runners-up: Derek Lowe, rhp, Beaz; Javier Vasquez, rhp, Huskies; Josh Beckett, rhp, Huskies; Gil Meche, rhp, Stars

Top 12 Draft Picks

1. Bats
2. Black Sox
3. Bulldogs
4. Fishermen
5. Dirtnappers
6. Dazzlers
7. Blackhawks
8. Miracle
9. Dobermans*
10. Razorbacks*
11. Pilots
12. Crows

* The Dobermans and Razorbacks both finished 76-86, but by virtue of the Dobermans going 2-4 in head-to-head play they "win" the No. 9 pick. No other teams had identical records.


  • I was just wondering if anyone realized that a record was broken this year. H. Ramirez broke a record that help since 1997 by stealing 120 bases this year.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At October 28, 2008 at 8:57 AM  

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