Feb 17, 2010

MMDA 2010 1st Round at a Glance

1 - Matt Wieters - c - Bulldogs: MMDA scouts say this Georgia Tech product's bat profiles somewhere between Mike Piazza and Thor. Bulldogs GM Adam Leickel had his eye on Wieters before the 2009 draft even commenced. He traded his 2009 1st rounder (4th overall) to the Cold Warriors in order to set up the eventual 2010 date with destiny. Despite a few tense moments (Dodge City staying within a few games of the Cold Warriors through July, and stalking allegations by Wieters leading to an eventual restraining order against GM Leickel in September), things ended up working out as hoped for in Northern Lehigh. But don't feel bad for Nat Strawbone - the player he got with the 2009 #4? Clayton Kershaw.

2 - Tommy Hanson - sp - Dobermans: A hard-throwing righty with both a tight slider and a nasty 12-6 curve, the only thing standing between Hanson and long-term ace status is a potential concern with his herky-jerky throwing motion. Interestingly, similar concerns exist about Easton's #1 pick (9th overall) in 2009, Max Scherzer. But hey, similar concerns also existed about Pedro Martinez in 1993. And sure enough, he did start to break down... in 2006.

3 - Rick Porcello - sp - Stars: A tall right-handed sinkerballer in the Derek Lowe mold, Porcello promises to terrorize worms in the Northwest for years to come.

4 - Elvis Andrus - ss - Stars: What better complement for a groundball-generating machine like Porcello than a ground-ball vacuum like Elvis Andrus? While he currently plays the position like the classic "good field / no hit / bunt and steal a base" shortstops of old, it must be remembered that Andrus is only 20 years old. With several months to go before that first beer, and several years to go before his 6'0", 185lb frame is filled out, there is plenty of room for growth in this player's bat.

5 - Andrew McCutchen - cf - Eagles: The Screaming Eagles made some noise when they selected toolsy centerfielder Andrew McCutchen 5th overall. The canny move by veteran returning GM Mike Yingst showed a recognition that the incumbent Eagle outfield of Raul Ibanez, Cody Ross, and Marlon Byrd, although solid in the near term, needed some sprucing up for the long haul. McCutchen should immediately step into the lineup allowing Mt Ephraim promoters and organizers to stage the much-anticipated ceremonial burning of Raul Ibanez' glove.

6 - Gordon Beckham - 3b - Breakers: A "best player available" pick is never a bad thing. Unless you're that best player available, and wish to actually play. Beckham projects to get about 150 ab's while A-Rod recovers from hip surgery. His long-term career aspirations include moving to 3rd-string Breaker's 2b next year behind Dustin Pedroia and Brandon Phillips, and tormenting Bombers manager Mike Johnson for the rest of his career (Johnson traded the Beckham pick for a package of Aaron Rowand, Bengie Molina, Jeff Keppinger, and a rare pre-moistened Belgian lollipop.)

7 - Brett Anderson - SP - Blackhawks: A solid lefty command and control artist in the making, Anderson should slot in nicely between pump-and-puke heating specialists Justin Verlander and Ryan Dempster.

8 - Neftali Feliz - RP - Crows: The first real high risk / high reward gamble of the draft. Feliz throws about a billion, and you can't beat that with a stick. But his MLB role will go a long ways toward determing his ultimate MMDA value. If he's a closer-in-waiting, well, that's sort of nice. If he's the first true Rangers SP ace developed by their farm system, well....ever... then that's going to be, to paraphrase Dr. Evil "Friggin Huge."

9 - Chris Coghlan - LF - Roadrunners: You have to feel good when the NL Rookie of the Year falls to you at #9. And for a team with the 2nd lowest MMDA batting average (.247) in 2009, a player with a nifty .321 MLB average is just about the best fit imaginable.

10 - Andrew Bailey - RP - Cubs: A few days before the draft, Kalamazoo GM Dean Campbell confidently stated "I'm sure I can get a CF in the draft." So with only one CF off the board and solid prospects Dexter Fowler and Colby Rasmus sitting by the phones, Campbell stepped up to the mike and selected... relief pitcher Andrew Bailey. Bailey figures to team up with 2009 1st rounder Chris Perez, as well as the other 13 pitchers selected by the Cubs in the past 2 years (seriously) to attempt to improve Kalamazoo's league-worst and borderline astounding 6.81 team ERA.

11 - David Price - SP - Jive: Is a BA editor happy when the 2009 #1 BA pitching prospect falls to him at #11 in the draft? While we could go to Matt Eddy for independent confirmation, it's sort of like when you see the bear come out of the woods with the sports section tucked under his arm and one of his shirttails caught in his zipper - you can just make certain assumptions.

12 - Nolan Reimold - OF - Jive: In a Mohawk Valley corner outfield world already populated by muscular sluggers Adam Dunn and Gary Sheffield, a baby Bunyan is born. At 6'4", 205 lbs the 25 year old slugger will fit right in, both in the lineup and in the weight room.

13 - Kyle Blanks - OF - Gators: Speaking of Paul Bunyan, last year the Gators selected 6'4" 235 lb threshing machine Chris Davis with the 4th overall pick. This year at 13, the Gators decided to go Really large with 6'6" 285 lb man-child Kyle Blanks. While the addition may not do much to reduce the Gator's team strikeout totals, it does promise to give them a decided edge should any opponents be suicidal enough as to incite a bench-clearing brawl.

14 - Colby Rasmus - OF - Breakers: Another excellent Best Player Available pick by the Breakers, Rasmus promises to be the best 7th outfielder in the league in 2010 (behind Carlos Beltran, JD Drew, Shin Soo Choo, Nick Swisher, Elijah Dukes, Franklin Gutierrez, and Jack Cust). Clearly Rasmus' (undoubtedly large) future value is down the road, either figuratively or literally.

15 - Dexter Fowler - OF - Stars: The Stars 3rd pick of the 1st round is a sensible one. A rangy 6'3" switch-hitting center fielder, Dexter Fowler is ready to jump into the Northwest lineup should Mike Cameron's supply of age-reversing Oil of Olay run out, or if Josh Hamilton gets back on the "horse" that threw him, or if Rajai Davis eventually discovers he's really just Rajai Davis.

16 - Alcides Escobar - SS - Pilots: With incumbent shortstop Miguel Tejada increasingly showing all the range and body style of the similarly legendary (and ominously discontinued) Hummer H2, the addition of Alcides Escobar was nothing if not a message. A message that went out on a broad enough waveband that hopefully 1-trick defensive pony Jack Wilson also picked it up on his rabbit ears.

17 - Wade Davis - SP - Beaz: The second ostensible gambling pick of the 1st round, but only insofar as TINSTAAP makes every low-inning / high reward pick a gamble. With several of their top players suffering (hopefully momentary) setbacks in MLB 2009, the 2010 Beaz can well afford to go through a season with only small contributions from Davis, whilst hoping for bigger things on both an individual and team level in MMDA 2011.

18 - Everth Cabrera - SS - Dobermans: An almost Pilots-like situation. An incumbent (Edgar Renteria) whose waistline is a major talking point in Stephen Hawking's theory of the rapidly expanding universe meets an infield glove with the baseball-attracting properties of a black hole's gravity well. What happens when the irresistable draft pick meets the immovable contract? Tune in to an MMDA Dobies game, coming soon to a ballpark near you!

19 - Chris Tillman - SP - Jive: Speaking of pitchers who won't help much in MMDA 2010, 21 year old Chris Tillman pulled off an interesting statistical oddity in MLB 2009: His walks plus homeruns allowed equaled his strikeouts. The good news: His minor league record indicates that while his command perhaps could use a little work, dominance should come quickly.

20 - Brad Bergesen - SP - Dirtnappers: Well, this is what all the excitement was about. The legendary trade that was not allowed to be made was, it turns out, Francisco Liriano for Brad Bergesen. It should be interesting to watch over the next several years if the uproar was justified. Already the similarities between the two are strangely compelling: Both selected near the bottom of the first round, both with an arm injury near the draft (Liriano just before the 2007 MMDA winter meetings, Bergesen just after the 2010 mid-winter event), and both with a surprisingly long and varied history of finding ways to get hurt (Bergesen holds a slight edge here after trumping his own solid "getting hit in the head with a batting practice liner" with the amazingly creative "strained shoulder while filming a commercial.") What is not in doubt is that Bergesen should supply 120+ solid 2010 innings to a Dirtnapper team that desperately needs them (5.24 team ERA in 2009, 3rd worst in the MMDA).


  • That's one way to look at the Liriano trade brouhaha, by comparing him with Bergesen. Another just as accurate way would be to consider any player drafted after the 19th pick because any such player would have been available, along with Bergesen. Take for instance Jeff Niemann, Trevor Cahill, Mat Latos, Daniel Bard, Matt LaPorta, Brian Matusz or Jordan Zimmermann.

    By Blogger Matt Eddy, At March 4, 2010 at 12:38 PM  

  • Argh. I can't believe I passed on Colby Rasmus to take Nolan Reimold with pick No. 12. And I whiffed again by taking Chris Tillman at No. 19 instead of Mat Latos. Stupid draft.

    By Blogger Matt, At July 21, 2010 at 5:05 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Matt, At July 21, 2010 at 5:05 PM  

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