Oct 16, 2010

2010 MMDA Playoff Seeds

By Kevin Burns

Another MMDA season is in the books. The playoff pairings are:

#8 Miracle at #1 Clippers
#7 Cubs at #2 Huskies
#6 Breakers at #3 Pilots
#5 Bulldogs at #4 Gators

The Cubs, Breakers and Bulldogs all finished with 93 wins. The Breakers and Bulldogs won the first tiebreaker vs. the Cubs since they both had a winning record vs. the Cubs in head-to-head play, which made the Cubs the lowest-seeded 93-win team. The Bulldogs and Breakers had the same winning percentage against the Cubs and split their games vs. each other. The Bulldogs won the second tiebreakers since they had a better record vs. their division than the Breakers did and, therefore, are seeded higher than the Breakers. Whew.

On the flip side, the hotly contested Steven Strasburg sweepstakes was won by the Crows. The Cold Warriors replacement will pick 2nd and Bethlehem will pick 3rd.



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