Jan 1, 2011

2010 Rule Ballot Voting Concluded

The votes are in. Thanks to everyone for voting so promptly. Most of the votes were pretty close, so every vote certainly counted. Here are the results:

1. Return to balanced schedule

Discard the unbalanced schedule (18 games against division opponents and 6 against non-division opponents) and return to the balanced schedule (10 games against division opponents and 8 against non-division opponents). There seems to be a logical disconnect in playing so many in-division games to sort out "who gets 1st place." Since half the playoff slots come from at-large records, a team with a couple of in-divison cupcakes (that they get to play nearly 25% of their regular season games against) gets to fluff up its record, and earn an at-large bid while teams in stronger divisions face much tougher competition.

Result: Failed.

2. Cutting draft picks

Teams should be allowed to cut draft picks instead of players. If they have players they like better than their later picks they should be allowed to "pass" on those picks ahead of time by cutting them on cutdown day.

Result: Passed. Starting with the upcoming draft, you may cut any draft picks you don’t wish to keep, as long as your total of players + picks comes out to 35.

3. Draft lottery

The order for the first three picks in the draft shall be determined by a lottery system, to reduce incentive for tanking in a race to win the No. 1 pick. This will also help balance out the differences between divisions, where a bad team in a strong division could end up with a significantly worse record than a similarly talented team in a mediocre division. Note: This would affect the first round only. Subsequent rounds would use winning percentage, as always.

Result: Passed. This will start with the 2012 draft, not the upcoming 2011 draft as that order has already been established.

4. Bunting for a base hit

Do not use the Strat-o-matic option to allow bunting for a base hit. It's an overused and unrealistic strategy. Eliminate current rule I.14. from our constitution.

Result: Failed.

5. Over-usage

The penalty for overuse of players is that for each full percentage of overuse of each player overused, a team will have one-tenth of one percentage (.001) deducted from its record for the purposes of securing playoff berths and determining home field advantage. In addition the same percentage will be added to the team's record for the purposes of determining draft position. The penalty applies to player usage above the 110% maximum limit.

Result: Failed.

6. Extra non-carded allowance for injured player

Each team can carry one player that is injured and non-carded, which will not count toward the 35-man maximum.

Result: Failed.

7. Ballpark dimensions

Ballpark dimensions for home runs can only be changed a maximum of +/- 2 each year. Currently they can be changed without any limitation each year, which creates opportunities for tanking, as a team with a poor pitching staff in a home run haven will likely post a horrible record.

Result: Failed.

All seven of the wording changes proposed in the second section passed. The league constitution has been updated.


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