Feb 6, 2011

2010 Dispersal Draft

For the record . . .

With five new managers coming into the league, we conducted a 35-round draft of the rosters of the five open teams (the former Cubs, Dirtnappers, Bombers, Gators, and Cold Warriors). The draft was conducted via e-mail from Dec. 20-31, 2010.

Round 1
1.NighthawksJoey Votto, 1b
2.Fighting IrishCarl Crawford, of
3.LakersRyan Zimmerman, 3b
4.DjiboutiRyan Braun, of
5.Fungoes#2 overall pick
Round 2
1.Fungoes#5 overall pick
2.DjiboutiAdam Wainwright, rhp
3.LakersClayton Kershaw, lhp
4.Fighting IrishDelmon Young, of
5.NighthawksChris Carpenter, rhp
Round 3
1.NighthawksCorey Hart, of
2.Fighting IrishJose Bautista, 3b/of
3.LakersHunter Pence, of
4.Djibouti#7 overall pick
5.Fungoes#14 overall pick
Round 4
1.FungoesIan Kinsler, 2b
2.DjiboutiAramis Ramirez, 3b
3.LakersMartin Prado, 2b/3b
4.Fighting Irish#22 overall pick
5.NighthawksC.J. Wilson, lhp
Round 5
1.NighthawksMichael Bourn, of
2.Fighting Irish Mike Napoli, c
3.LakersLuke Gregerson, rhp
4.Djibouti#25 overall pick
5.FungoesAndrew Bailey, rp
Round 6
1.FungoesBrian Matusz, sp
2.DjiboutiClayton Richard, sp
3.LakersWandy Rodriguez, sp
4.Fighting IrishHowie Kendrick, 2b
5.NighthawksAsdrubel Cabrera, ss
Round 7
1.NighthawksMike Pelfrey, sp
2.Fighting Irish#27 overall pick
3.LakersFausto Carmona, sp
4.DjiboutiTed Lilly, sp
5.FungoesEdwin Jackson, sp
Round 8
1.FungoesJeff Niemann, sp
2.DjiboutiJorge de la Rosa, sp
3.LakersMatt Joyce, of
4.Fighting IrishJason Motte, rp
5.NighthawksMatt Capps, rp
Round 9
1.Nighthawks#34 overall pick
2.Fighting IrishGrant Balfour, rp
3.LakersCliff Pennington, ss
4.DjiboutiJason Bartlett, ss
5.Fungoes#37 overall
Round 10
1.FungoesBrad Lidge, rp
2.DjiboutiHideki Matsui, of
3.LakersJulio Borbon, of
4.Fighting IrishDavid Freese, 3b
5.Nighthawks#42 overall pick
Round 11
1.NighthawksMarco Scutaro, ss
2.Fighting Irish#45 overall
3.LakersRandy Wells, sp
4.DjiboutiRandy Wolf, sp
5.FungoesPat Burrell, of
Round 12
1.FungoesRyan Theriot, 2b
2.DjiboutiBrandon Lyon, rp
3.LakersFrancisco Rodriguez, rp
4.Fighting IrishZach Duke, sp
5.NighthawksLivan Hernandez, sp
Round 13
1.Nighthawks#53 overall
2.Fighting IrishRyan Franklin, rp
3.LakersBrad Bergesen, sp
4.DjiboutiAaron Harang, sp
5.FungoesCarlos Gomez, of
Round 14
1.FungoesScott Podsednik, of
2.DjiboutiBrandon Inge, 3b
3.LakersYorvit Torrealba, c
4.Fighting Irish#54 overall
5.NighthawksDaisuke Matsuzaka, sp
Round 15
1.NighthawksBurke Badenhop, rp
2.Fighting Irish#59 overall
3.LakersBen Francisco, of
4.DjiboutiTom Gorzelanny, sp
5.FungoesJuan Rivera, of
Round 16
1.Fungoes#62 overall
2.DjiboutiJorge Cantu, 3b
3.LakersRonny Paulino, c
4.Fighting IrishKosuke Fukudome, of
5.NighthawksJose Lopez, 3b
Round 17
1.NighthawksMelky Cabrera, of
2.Fighting Irish#64 overall
3.LakersJohnny Damon, of
4.Djibouti#65 overall
5.FungoesDavid Eckstein, 2b
Round 18
1.FungoesDavid Robertson, rp
2.DjiboutiPedro Feliciano, rp
3.LakersAndruw Jones, of
4.Fighting Irish#67 overall
5.NighthawksBengie Molina, c
Round 19
1.Nighthawks#73 overall
2.Fighting Irish#74 overall
3.LakersRobinson Tejeda, rp
4.Djibouti#75 overall
5.FungoesVicente Padilla, sp
Round 20
1.FungoesTodd Helton, 1b
2.Djibouti#76 overall
3.Lakers#77 overall
4.Fighting Irish#82 overall
5.Nighthawks#85 overall
Round 21
1.NighthawksKyle Blanks, of
2.Fighting Irish#87 overall
3.LakersKevin Jepsen, rp
4.DjiboutiBrad Penny, sp
5.FungoesJayson Nix, inf
Round 22
1.FungoesJosh Reddick, of
2.DjiboutiBoone Logan, rp
3.LakersChris Dickerson, of
4.Fighting Irish#94 overall
5.NighthawksBlake Hawksworth, rp
Round 23
1.NighthawksJose Molina, c
2.Fighting Irish#96 overall
3.LakersMitchell Boggs, rp
4.DjiboutiJesse Carlson, rp
5.FungoesPhil Coke, rp
Round 24
1.FungoesScott Linebrink, rp
2.DjiboutiJose Guillen, of
3.LakersRamon Troncoso, rp
4.Fighting Irish#105 overall
5.NighthawksJason Kendall, c
Round 25
1.NighthawksPedro Feliz, 3b
2.Fighting Irish#107 overall
3.LakersOmar Vizquel, 3b
4.DjiboutiJeff Mathis, c
5.FungoesBrian Schneider, c
Round 26
1.FungoesChris Davis, 1b
2.DjiboutiReed Johnson, of
3.Lakers#113 overall
4.Fighting IrishMike Cameron, of
5.NighthawksJosh Fields, 3b
Round 27
1.NighthawksBrandon McCarthy, sp
2.Fighting Irish#114 overall
3.Lakers#125 overall
4.DjiboutiJeremy Affeldt, rp
5.FungoesScott Richmond, sp
Round 28
1.FungoesMark Rzepczynski, rp
2.DjiboutiTony Gwynn Jr., of
3.Lakers#127 overall
4.Fighting Irish#134 overall
5.NighthawksJuan Cruz, rp
Round 29
1.NighthawksJensen Lewis, rp
2.Fighting IrishRyan Rowland-Smith, sp
3.LakersMelvin Mora, 3b
4.DjiboutiAaron Rowand, of
5.FungoesConor Jackson, of
Round 30
1.FungoesJohn Baker, c
2.DjiboutiBrian Anderson, of/p
3.LakersPaul Maholm, sp
4.Fighting IrishJarrod Washburn, sp
5.NighthawksBobby Parnell, rp
Round 31
1.NighthawksJerry Blevins, rp
2.Fighting IrishDavid Purcey, rp
3.LakersJason Giambi, 1b
4.DjiboutiCristian Guzman, 2b
5.FungoesJose Mijares, rp
Round 32
1.FungoesFelipe Lopez, 3b
2.DjiboutiMark DeRosa, of
3.LakersNick Punto, ss
4.Fighting IrishKyle Davies, sp
5.NighthawksAaron Laffey, rp
Round 33
1.NighthawksRafael Perez, rp
2.Fighting IrishEugenio Velez, of
3.LakersScott Hairston, of
4.DjiboutiWillie Bloomquist, of
5.FungoesChad Gaudin, rp
Round 34
1.FungoesWilly Taveras, of
2.DjiboutiChad Tracy, 3b
3.LakersNate Schierholtz, of
4.Fighting IrishRob Johnson, c
5.NighthawksJohn Grabow, rp
Round 35
1.NighthawksGarrett Olson, rp
2.Fighting IrishJason Michaels, of
3.LakersManny Delcarmen, rp
4.DjiboutiLance Cormier, rp
5.FungoesMark Hendrickson, rp

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